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Outpatient Consultation

Procedure for Out Patient Consultation

Outpatient consultancy services of the Consultants as per schedule mentioned are available from 8.00am to 8.00pm on all working days. Appointments can be made by contacting the number: 080-43518000

Cardiology OPD 8 DR.DR. Rangaraj / Dr. Krishnaraj
General Surgery OPD 2 DR.DR. Sudharshan / Dr. Adnan Sae
Dental Doctors Dental Clinic DR.Dr. Asha C.K.
Orthodontics OPD 9 DR.Dr.I.C.Bopanna / Dr. Sanjay.B
Maxillofacial Surgery Casualty DR.Dr. Anjan / Dr. Jeevan
Dermatology OPD 5 DR.Dr. Gurucharan Singh / Dr. Pak
Diet Counselling OPD 4 DR.Dr. Suma
ENT OPD 5 DR.Dr. Shiva Kumar. P.V. / Dr. Me
Gastroenterology OPD 4 DR.Dr. Praveen Mathew / Dr. Samee
General l Medicine OPD 1 DR.Dr.Surrjithpal Singh / Dr. Dee
Neurology OPD 4 DR.Dr. Vardarajlu
Neuro Surgery OPD 5 DR.Dr. Banu Prakash / Dr. Satish
Neuro Surgery OPD 5 DR.Dr. Banu Prakash / Dr. Satish
Nephrology OPD 4 DR.Dr. Ravindra
Oncology OPD 4 DR.Dr. A. Raghavan / Dr. Murali S
OBG OPD 12 DR.Dr. Regina Tamil Selvi / Dr. S
Ophthamology OPD 4 DR.Dr. Leslie
Paediatrics OPD 3 DR.Dr. Krishna Murthy / Dr. Nande
Paediatric Surgery OPD 3 DR.Dr. Ravikiran C.S.
Plastic Surgery OPD 10 DR.Dr. Deepak Shety / Dr. Chetan
Psychiatry OPD 3 DR.Dr. Chandra Shekar
Pulmonary Medicine OPD 2 DR.Dr. Hemanth Kumar / Dr. Dinesh
Urology OPD 4 DR.Dr. Ninan Thomas
Vascular Surgeon OPD 4 DR.Dr. Vishnu. M.